Our Services


  • Consultation.
  • Collection of Documents.
  • Prepairing Aggrement of Sales.
  • Filling Application.
  • Replies to objection by RERA Authority.
  • Liason with RERA Authority for Registration.
  • Providing Certification.
  • Quarterly Filling Return.
  • Handling Complain cases -Rera Authority,Tribunal, High Court.


  • Preparation of Application for registration of Real Estate Agent
  • Submission of application & liaison with The Real Estate Regulatory Authority for registration.
  • Annual Filling of Return


  • Consultation
  • Let them know there Rights
  • File Case if any mishappening occur related to project
  • Help them in taking compunsation
  • Let them know about charges on late payment
  • Handling Complain Cases - Rera Authority, Tribunal, High Court


Updating First time and quarterly updates on RERA Authority Website

  • Details of the Project, Promoter and  Registration granted
  • Quarterly updates of list  and number of apartments and types of apartments or plots, booked
  • Quarterly updates list of number of garages booked
  • Quarterly updates of approvals taken and approvals pending subsequent to Commencement Certificate
  • Quarterly up to date status of the project
  • Other relevant period updates required by Authority.


  • Certificates by CA, Engineer and Architect for withdrawal of funds in proportion to completion of the project at different stages of completion upto obtaining Completion Certificate and closure of Project
  • Annual Audit under RERA and CA Report
  • Accounts and Auditing services for Projects
  • Financial Planning and structuring of projects


  • Structuring of Project
  • Financial viability of the project
  • Financial Projections of funds required for the project
  • Consultation on maintenance of Books of Accounts for the purpose of RERA, GST etc
  • Consultation on maintenance of financial records in compliance with RERA, GST
  • Certificate by Chartered Accountants (CA) for withdrawal of funds for utilization in proportion to % of completion project
  • Audit of Accounts within 6 months from the end of every financial year
  • Audit Report on utilization of funds for a particular project
  • Audit Report on withdrawal of funds in proportion to the % of completion of project.


  • Filing of Complaints against Promoters before Real Estate Appellate Tribunal
  • Filing of Appeals before Real Estate Appellate Tribunal
  • Assistance in registration of Association of Allottees (Apartment Owners Association)
  • Handover of Project by Promoter to Association of Allottees


  • Assistance in registration of Agreements of Sale And Conveyance Deed.
  • Extension of registration of Project
  • Defending complaints before Real Estate Appellate Tribunal filed by Allottee/Purchasers
  • Settlement of Disputes before Real Estate Appellate Tribunal
  • Appeal to High Court against order passed by Real Estate Appellate Tribunal
  • All other legal support in matters related to offences, penalties and adjudication.
  • Preparation and registration of Deed of Declaration.
  • Obtaining Approval & assistance to Association of Allottees in take over of project by Third Party Promoter.
  • Liaison with Sanctioning and Planning Authorities for obtaining sanctions and approvals.

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